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Thursday, January 18, 2007

My preciousssssssss...

Okay, I have a degree in English Writing. I've worked as a writer and proofreader. Typos bug the living hell out of me. Here's a recent one that made me shudder. Interestingly enough, this was broadcast right onto my television screen. I was watching Boston Legal on Tuesday night (not only is the dialogue fun, but between Spader and Shatner, I'm in serious drool country) and during the first commercial break, a commercial aired for Domino's Pizza. During the last seconds of the clip, the catchphrase was displayed:

Get the door. Its's Domino's.


Am I the only one getting a Gollum vibe here?

There is no way I mis-saw that. I would never have noticed it if it were correct; it would have gone right beneath my proofreading radar. I sat bolt upright in bed and demanded that my husband corroborate. Unfortunately, as is his habit, he had stayed up specifically to watch the show and was already snoring softly. I waited and watched for the commercial to air again so I could prove at least to myself that I hadn't imagined it. Alas, I haven't seen it since.

Look, I realize that many people get confused by the its/it's thing because it is one of those times when 's does not indicate possession. For the record, people,

Its is the possessive form. Don't look into its eyes!
It's is the contractive form, i.e., "it is". It's too dangerous.

Therefore, Get the door. It's (it is) Domino's (the pizza franchise belonging to, I assume, Domino).

Of course, what really crushes my spirit is not so much the thought that the graphic artist hedged his/her bets by doing it both ways (presumably hoping to fix it before release), but that NO ONE caught it. And I believe that ad folks make much, much more money than this poor young nitpickin' Mom.


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  1. Could they have meant that "its is Domino's"? As in, "its [pizza] is Domino's?"

    Just kidding. Like you, I can spot a typo (or extraneous space, or missing quote, or missing parenthesis) a mile away. It literally almost jumps off the page at me. And like you, it bugs me.

    I'm also one who will rewind the DVR to watch again, just to make sure I saw something right.

    You're not alone, sister. Keep fighting the good fight!