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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The gift that keeps on giving

A friend of mine sent an unexpected surprise for Christmas: a $15 gift certificate to

As a die-hard bibliophile, it would be easy enough for me to spend that without even blinking. But since I've left the paying work force, I've become almost fanatically frugal. So I sat on it for a week or so, and shopped carefully. I finally found exactly what I wanted: a subscription to a magazine.

The cover price on this magazine (12 issues annually) is $5.99 per issue. The cheapest deal that the publisher offers is just around $24 for 12 issues; a pretty decent savings. But I knew I could do better. Indeed, they offered it at for $14.95 and I placed my order.

I forgot to read the small print.

Apparently the offer at was $14.95 for "subscription with $5 bonus". What the hell is that? Well, I just found out. It is a $5 rebate in the form of a voucher code that just showed up in my inbox.

So in the final analysis, I got 12 issues of my favorite magazine for around 83 cents per issue. A savings of over 86%. Yes, I think this calls for a WOOT!

And it wasn't even my 83 cents.

And now I have $5 to blow, which means I'll also be getting a gently-used copy of a really good homeschooling sourcebook I've had my eye on.

Damn, I love a bargain.

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