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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Good idea

Seriously, I love this one. It's free for the taking. In fact, I hope someone DOES take and use this idea. Locally. So I can benefit from it.

As a mother of two veryyoung kidlets, I find it damn near impossible to get any focused exercise. Oh sure, there's the housework and some play and the schlepping of family and groceries, but as someone who used to spend hours in the gym and full days on the bicycle trails, I need more. Not just for my physical health but also for my sanity and emotional well-being. DAMN IT I NEED A STRESS OUTLET!!

Um, where was I?

Oh yes. But unless you have very well-behaved children who self-entertain (maybe even in another room!) instead of trying to climb (you, if you're doing some sort of aerobics; or the machine, if you're lucky enough to have any fitness equipment) or a really reliable babysitter to give you a physical time break from your offspring...well, your options are sadly limited. I can't tell you how many well-meaning husbands have offered us housewives helpful suggestions like "Go on a walk with the kids!". Um, yeah. That's a great way to bond with the children, teach them about nature and whatnot, but when you are pushing a stroller and perhaps lugging a backpack carrier and you're stopping every 4 feet to examine each interesting insect or leaf or piece of litter, well, you won't be getting much of an aerobic workout. Trust me on this one.

So here's my solution for How To Get a Workout With the Toddlers. It's so simple. I propose a public area, like in a park...where there's a fenced-in, eighth-mile walking track with a playground in the center lawn. Would that be perfect or what!?! Mom can do her laps, the kids can't wander far, and everyone is within reachable distance should disaster (loneliness, skinned knees) strike.

Okay, so who's up for it?


  1. GREAT IDEA! That's the size of an indoor track, right? Hey how's THIS for an idea: put playground equipment in the middle of an indoor track and then we get to work out all winter too. Yay!

  2. Yeah, I considered the indoor track idea as well...but the only option around here is Bally's. And paying to walk seems, well, silly. Although they have just approved plans to build an addition on our local community center, and the new facilities will indoor walking track! *sigh* I heart my community.