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Friday, February 9, 2007

O no!

I say "omost".

Not "ALmost". O-most.

OMG how did I not notice this until now?

I can't even blame it on regional dialect, 'cause it's not listed on the official Pittsburghese website.

Damn it. Now every time I hear myself use that word, it grates on me. It's like "ax" for "ask".



  1. Wow, yinz tawk funny. Maybe you should put a dower in a jar every time you say dat.

  2. I spent some time in Pittsburgh, and have been around my share of natives. The one bit of Pittsburghese that always gets me is the blatant misuse of "whenever" used in place of "when." Example: "Whenever I was in second grade, we used to..."

    I can deal with "younz" or "yinz" or however that one comes out... and I can deal with goin' "don-ton"... and I can even stomach the ubiquitous "'n'at." But the "whenever" misuse... well, I've gotta draw the line!