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Friday, March 23, 2007

Sleeping like a baby

My babies are asleep right now. Three and nearly one, collapsed in a tangle of limbs, breathing their soft puppy breath on each other and, yes, sleeping like babies.

I grow weary of people questioning the phrase "sleeping like a baby" by pointing out that babies wake frequently. The criticism is often extended to jokingly ponder that whoever coined the phrase was "obviously" not a parent.

But I disagree. It must have been a parent.

It must have been someone who sat watching as her little one slumbered with a forehead utterly devoid of creases. Someone who carried a limp and warm sleeping body that had absolutely no residual tension in it. Someone who was blessed to watch a child wake up and at exactly the instant their eyes open, smile.

I wish I slept that well. Even if only for two hours at a stretch.

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  1. Well said... there are times I like to watch my 1-year-old daughter sleeping for exactly these reasons: no stress, no worry... just pure innocence and relaxation. One of my absolute favorite things about being a dad is having my baby girl fall asleep while laying against my chest, then just listening to her breathing. To me, that makes all of the less-than-optimal parenting moments worth it.