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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Learning is messy

I thought it was a good idea at the time. Okay, well if not exactly a good idea, then at least a fun one. I'm all for kids learning with hands-on exploration. Even if it's messy. Heck, especially if it's messy. I am the kind of mom who lets even the youngest toddlers help with baking. I encourage puddle-splashing. Getting dirty is part of playing, of learning, and of living.

So okay. We had some vanilla pudding. Theo declared that he hates vanilla pudding. Cayden wanted to touch the vanilla pudding. So I came up with the brilliant idea that vanilla pudding could-- and yes, should--become a medium for Artistic Expression.

The results of this little game were not as fun as you might have imagined. Cayden was content to just quietly eat the pudding from the brushes,

and despite my cheerful coaching, Theo put forth only a halfhearted effort and declared the whole experience to be "yucky".

Then again, he still has a strong aversion to even the idea of finger paints, so should I be surprised?

Oh well. I guess even for kids, not all messes are created equal.

And yes, I realize that this comes close on the heels of a post showing a mess that they created without Mom's approval and supervision. But you should note that I did grab the camera before the cleaning supplies.

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  1. This and your last post illustrate something I very much admire about your parenting, Heaz. You are able to just let go and give in to the messes of childhood (both the approved and the furtive!) I try but often get too concerned with the "this is going to make a huge mess that I'll have to clean up later" thing. Kudos to you. And, I remember doing pudding painting as a kid - finger painting. Fun AND tasty!