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Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Click" moments

Oh, the baby sat still for a book!

This is huge. Theo loves books. We read together as much as we can. Sadly, this is not as much as we would like. Not only is my attention divided, but Cayden has no patience for books. While Theo would happily look at books even at a very young age, Cayden seems to only find pleasure in throwing them. Or, if Theo is the target audience, sitting on them.

Tonight I had some one-on-one time with Cayden and I pulled out an old favorite: I Am A Mouse, by Ole Risom. This is the worn-and-torn copy that was my bedtime book at their age, and the first book that I read. The illustrations (by John Miller) still enchant me. I'm so glad that my mother held on to this so I could share it with my children.

Anyway, this time I didn't bother trying to read to him. Instead, I played a simple game that Theo and I had enjoyed when he was around the same age. I let him flip the pages at will, and each time I'd ask him to point out the mouse. It took him mere seconds to understand the game, and wouldn't you know...we got nearly a half-hour's enjoyment from--yes--a book.

I'm so thrilled. I do want to encourage my kids to be readers--heck, I pretty much have to if I expect them to be autodidacts--and making books appealing is the first step.

As for Theo, this week he has been doing experiments with water...taking delight in seeing whether things sink or float. He was tickled to learn that certain items (ice cubes in his dinner drink, empty shampoo bottle in the tub) could be made to do both: that is, if dropped, they would immediately plunge under the surface, but then quickly pop to the top again.

As for me, I learned that learning happens even when it isn't convenient for Mom. (sigh) It only took a few go-rounds of Theo dropping that darn bottle and yelling, "Look, Mom! Look!" and me huffing, "Theodore if you don't stop splashing right this instant..."


I see.

Note to self: sometimes making yourself open to wonder means dropping your own frustration and--ahem--paying attention.


  1. Yay, look at me commenting! Cayden is so cute!


  2. Loved this post, Heaz - you've got me looking forward to this with Sam! And I linked you this post in my blog today too - thought you'd want to know... :)

  3. What a cute video. I love reading with Julianna, too, and seeing what she knows and remembers about the books she reads. She's a real bookworm - loves to read before bedtime!

    Thanks for sharing these moments with us. :)