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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


After several days of the little ones running me ragged--complete with interrupted sleep and touched-out days--they fell asleep early tonight. I finally had a little "me" time to get my Stuff done at a reasonable hour. "Stuff" being cleaning the kitchen, doing/folding laundry, sewing...

Instead, I plopped down here and spent an hour and a half making a new page logo. Which doesn't even look that good for reasons I still can't figure out but will blame on PaintShop.

Well, that was fun.


  1. It might be a resolution problem. Start with a huge file, so when you re-size, there are LOTS of pixels to choose from.

    There are also LOTS of tutorials out there on how to get things done with Photoshop, some of which may relate to PaintShop.

    Here's a potentially helpful site:

  2. Thanks. I did start with an enormous (8.0 MP) original, and it had sharp resolution. Something wonky happened when I did a paste function. I'm sure it's a setting I have goofed up and just haven't identified yet...

    Ah well. Excuse to play more...

  3. Okay, logo fixed. It was, as suspected, user error. Gah.

  4. Nice job. Really like the 3-D effect created by the positioning of the boys.

    Know what I think would look cool? Take that "thousand ten-cent wonders" line, and lower the opacity of the text to about 50% - that way it would look like it was stamped into the fence, adding even more depth to the logo. (Just a thought; you can tell me to shove off if you want!)