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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Support your local farmers

Well, what a co-in-kee-dink. Right on the heels of my big disjoined food rambling, I was surfing and found out that it is National Famer's Market Week!

Despite the fact that--ahem--the USDA's site doesn't list ANY farmer's markets in my area, they do exist. There's a small weekly event about 4 miles from my house, and I stop by when I can to support the local economy. And, frankly, to buy goodies that my garden just isn't producing! In addition to some enormous ripe tomatoes (ours are all either stubbornly green or grape-sized) and the world's best peaches (our tree is not yet mature enough to produce more than a handful), I also recently snagged some early butternut squash for a soup I've been dying to try, and these cuties:

which are Pattypan squash. I have no idea what to do with them, but I couldn't resist. The vendor suggested slicing them, dipping them in batter, and frying them "like zucchini", but I have a feeling I can find something better.

A few other sites I've been browsing that are appropriate to the theme/week/cause/season:

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