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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Along those same lines...

How about this satirical article from The Onion?

Like yesterday's link, it speaks to the disillusioned part of me. Me, who loved school, who loves learning, who enjoyed my Fine Arts major...but then discovered that I'd been graduated with little in the way of real-world skills. After spending a lifetime being fed (and believing) the notion that a college degree was necessary for career success, I still sometimes feel a bit cheated.

Don't get me wrong; I don't regret my education, or my degree. I appreciate and celebrate the notion of the Renaissance Man. But if what a student seeks is marketable job skills, why are we still requiring the well-rounded schedule of core classes that are common to all majors? Doesn't a more exclusively focused curriculum make more sense? (Oh my--the technical schools got it right, after all!!)


I love the notion expressed in this lecture by Sir Ken Robinson, where he suggests that most of education's structure seems best suited to producing college professors.

Given that that was exactly my original goal, I should admit that perhaps my own path was not so far off the mark. So there is that. Hm.

Regardless, please do watch the lecture. It's really more about how the educational system more often than not stifles creative thought and expression. Yeah, yeah, it's been said before...but it's always worth listening to new voices.

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