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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Field trips

It's been a busy few weeks! First, I took the little boys to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium with my sister, her hubby, and their two daughters. Big fun was had by all; although the trip really underscored for me the vast differences in parenting styles. Nearly everyone there was practically dragging their kids from one exhibit to the next because they wanted to see everything or were on a tight schedule. Me? I let my kids just park themselves in front of the orangutans and stare...and stare....and stare...

This past week, my eldest stepson had a birthday. I called Grandma in for babysitting duty for the little guys and kept both older boys home from school for a day of "educational field trip". The three of us went to the Carnegie Science Center. We toured the submarine USS Requin, and then went nuts playing with everything at the science center.

We ended the day at UPMC SportsWorks, where we climbed rock walls and played virtual volleyball and did all sorts of science and physics demonstrations that made us all yell, "Cool!" :)

But for all of the planned excursions, I have learned yet again that the best moments are the spontaneous ones. Best field trip of the week? Shopping with Mom and taking a half-hour detour to watch the machines at a construction site.

See? That's what this site's title and philosophy is all about. Those little moments that are so big. Nothing planned, nothing extravagant. Just the wonder all around you. Isn't the world a terrific place sometimes?