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Monday, October 1, 2007


Theo's not much for drawing. Most of the time, his idea of fun is to hand a crayon to someone else and dictate what we are to draw for him.

Smart kid. Knows how to delegate.

About three weeks ago, he suddenly started producing his first drawings of people. It was a simple formula: giant circle, eyes and mouth, and two long legs...inside the circle. Interesting, and consistent over many, many samples.

This past week, he handed me a picture he'd drawn of me. Little round head with facial features, long legs (outside the head, now), long arms, fingers and toes, and hair.

It tickles me to no end just how quickly he progressed.

Alas, no pictures to truly illustrate this story, as the scanner is on the fritz. (Actually, it's on the floor, awaiting repair and serving in the meantime as a chair/stepstool for Small People Who Don't Understand "keep off of that!!")

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