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Sunday, October 28, 2007

No mere mortal can resist

Holidays are a time for reminiscing. On Thanksgiving, you might recall Great-Aunt Whoever's famous cranberry relish. Easter might perhaps find you telling stories of The Year We Found The Nest of Baby Rabbits*, or maybe at Christmas time you get all misty-eyed thinking of the magic of your childhood.

Or, if you're a child of my generation, maybe at Halloween you log on to YouTube and force your 11 year old stepson to watch the full version of Michael Jackson's Thriller with you. And then he gives you that lovely blank "what planet is she from, this is the most boring piece of crap I've ever seen" look.


I still think it's a classic. And I still think that these people are cool. Brian and Sandy Lundmark became international Internet stars by dancing to Thriller at their wedding reception. Heck, all we did was crack ourselves up trying to dance to ABBA's "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do".

But I digress.

Come on...line-dancing zombies and an homage to mid-20th-century horror films. How can you not love that?

*Oh, and just for the record, it was actually The Year The Cat Found The Nest of Baby Rabbits and Slowly Ate Them on The Front Sidewalk and Totally Grossed Us Out...but that's another story.

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