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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Speaking of putting pen to paper...

Theo has made "T"s forever. Once I showed him how and explained that "T is for Theo", he really grasped on to it. Well, kinda. He draws the letter and identifies it everywhere, but would also say, "This T is for Daddy" I think he kind of figured "for" in the sense of ownership and not in the sense of "symbol representing a phoneme". (Ugh, speaking of phonemes, I haven't even begun to explain TH to him!) He also knew how to draw and identify "O", but the interest and understanding were about the same.

Over the past few weeks, however, he has shown a growing interest in letters--especially where names are concerned. When I wrote his name in sidewalk chalk recently, he asked about the other letters and I helped him learn to make them.

A week ago, we made a craft project at the library and without prompting, he wrote his name on it. The letters don't appear in a left-to-right sequence...more like a floating conglomeration, but they are all there and they are all identifiable.

This week, he is asking about other letters. He is making letters using popcorn, string, sand...whatever he has at hand. He started playing with a cool Fisher Price gizmo for building words (using examples to copy and match). And today he attempted to sing the alphabet song for the first time.

As with most things he's done, this is almost entirely child-led. And I am so excited! It's one thing to sit a kid down and say, "Okay, I'm going to teach this to you now." It's another thing entirely to watch the interest light up their eyes and be there to help them discover things that they want to explore.


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  1. Nice! Julianna loves learning her letters. She doesn't yet know how to draw them, but can identify about half the alphabet on sight. She likes to take a crayon, make what looks like a random symbol, and announce that it's a J.

    It's so cool to watch kids learn...