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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why this will not become a knitting blog

I enjoy knitting--from the first calling of the yarn to the meditative process to the final bind-off. I'm fascinated by what others can do. I love watching a project come together.

But, I often get frustrated and shelve projects. Sometimes indefinitely. It's difficult for me to knit at all with two very busy little guys, especially when the youngest has the kitten-like notion that I'm dangling all of that yummy yarn just for his amusement and that I want him to grab it and pull/run/etc.

Also, I tend to download, photocopy, or otherwise obtain patterns and neglect to write down the source. I've noticed that it's good knitblog etiquette to reveal your source: after all, readers may think, "I must knit this! Where can I find the pattern?"

So, um, I'm a lazy knitter. So what. I enjoy it. And after a long and sometimes hair-pulling time, I have finally finished my first sweater...a gift for my babygirl niece. Yay me!

Nope, sorry. I have no idea who designed it. It came from a library I can do.

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