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Monday, November 12, 2007

Keep on rollin'

Okay, here's another wacky idea from my mental complaint list. Feel free to claim it as your own if you have the energy to apply for the patent. I won't mind.

Maybe in other parts of the country, this might sound insane. But here in Pennsylvania, the world is decidedly NOT flat. Even the most over-landscaped of flat parking lots are not flat. We can't help it. It's hilly country.

It's also a pain in the butt to juggle two kids and unload an entire shopping cart full of groceries, usually with one hand (see: kids), while the cart is slowly (or rapidly, even more fun!) rolling AWAY from your car. So you try to stick your foot under one wheel to kind of jam it in place, but you know--you don't have a wide range of movement with your foot stuck under the cart. So, what to do? Hold the cart and throw the groceries?

It just isn't graceful.

You know, strollers have had those nice wheel-brakes on them for what? Millennia, now? You know what I'm talking stomp on the little foot lever thingy and the stroller doesn't scoot out from under you as you're trying to un/load your kid.

So come on, why not carts? They have small wheels, too, and it's not a complicated design. And man, would it come in handy.

Someone make this for me, please?

1 comment:

  1. I'm jealous. Indiana is FLAT. Makes for good farm land. Doesn't feed my soul the way the mountains (in Northeast TN in my case) do.

    Oh, and juggling multiple children...I hear ya'!