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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Reason Number Eleventy Billion Why I Love This Kid


Oh sure, to some extent all kids have a more optimistic outlook than most adults. But I was pretty easily frustrated even as a kid. My eldest stepson is the same way. If we don't excel on the first try, well, it was a stupid idea to start with and we hate everyone.

A few days ago we were at a playground, kicking around a soccer ball. My four-year announced that he was going to kick it a certain distance. (No, not "X feet"...more like, "to that tree") He got a nice running start and kicked it with all of his tiny little might.

It fell significantly short.

While I took a breath to give him the ol' "nice try", he chased the ball and kicked it again. And shouted with great joy, "See! I did it! It only took me TWO KICKS and I thought it would take THREE!"

Now there's a kid who knows how to break a difficult task into achievable steps.

Or maybe he just isn't holding himself to some rigid (even self-imposed, which I can tell you is sometimes far worse!) standard.

Yay Theo. I love you, buddy!

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