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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

The weather is warm. Need I say more? We are outside so much these days that what time I do spend inside is usually taken up with those necessary daily chores and oh, ya know, sleep. But there is so much to catch up many things happening that deserve proper journaling. This week's "greatest hits" list:

Cayden's Second Birthday
It's such a cliche, but my baby is growing up far too fast. Not only in my own perspective, but he's hitting so many milestones at an earlier age than his brother. (Yeah, snark on myself in respect to the previous post, but now that I've noticed it, it's hard to NOT notice it.) He is just in such a hurry to keep up with Theo. The two of them are still friends more than rivals, which gives me so much joy. (Naturally, halfway through typing that previous sentence, they started screaming at each other. Alas.)

Theo's "Homework"
In response in part to his big brothers' nightly complaining, Theo announced "I have to do my homework." It was a big production. He sat himself down at the kitchen table with notebook, pencils, etc, and then proceeded to loudly scold me and Cayden for daring to make any sound, because "I can't think with all of your NOISE!" (Gee, wonder where he got that one.) Okay, so that was funny enough, but imagine my surprise when he showed me his "homework": a handwriting tablet with practice sheets for each letter, and samples completed on each page. Let's hear it for strewing! This thing has been in amongst the drawing tablets forever but never once suggested. He just picked it up on his own and decided to practice letters. This is also fun because once I'd taught him enough letters for T-H-E-O, he refused to entertain much more than that. He just didn't need it. Now all of a sudden he has a fire under him to learn the others. He has done his homework for the past three nights, and although he does it on his own, he will share it with me or ask for help on tricky letters. This is so, so cool.

Cayden Discovers Shadows
This was particularly fun. It was just the two of us, up with insomnia. The light from the living room cast a shadow on the carpet from his sippy cup. He touched it, looked puzzled, touched it again, and asked me about it. I moved the cup and showed him how the shadow moved with the cup. He giggled and giggled and giggled. And I sat back and watched his little wheels turn.

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