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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Out of touch

I wish I blogged more frequently.

Sometimes I mentally write these fabulous little essays as I go throughout my day. Last week, in fact, I worked on one most of the afternoon. A few unrelated events got me thinking on the same theme, and I had tons of Important Thoughts on the subject. Alas, as is usually the case, by the time I got an opportunity to actually sit down and try to record it, I had forgotten it all. Including even the basic theme. Darn memory!!

So...I had a ton of neat stuff to say, and now it's gone. That's part of it.

Another part is that I'm just too busy living my life to record it properly. I've had a bunch of content and possible content over the past weeks, but darn if I can find time to post it. It's like writing in a journal. When I have time, little is worth noting. When there are Big Events, I'm too busy to get to it.

Another part is that a bunch of just really awful stuff has been going on and I'm unhappy and angry and a bit depressed and I don't have the emotional energy on most days to discuss any of it...nor to try to focus on anything different. That part is really upsetting.

But I am still here.