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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It always tickles me, how kids process and synthesize information to come up with unique perspectives. Such as...

Today Theo went hunting. The daddy next door is a deer hunter, so his buddy has been talking up hunting pretty heavily lately. Okay, I get that. We have also, in our discussions about insects and our discoveries of dead animals, talked about how some bugs' role in the life cycle is to help dead tissue decompose. Check.

So when Theo announced that he was going deer hunting today and I asked him what he planned to do if he got one, he said that he was going to feed it to the bugs.

He even happily suggested that maybe he would go hunting again tomorrow, to feed them again.

Here's the Great White Hunter, armed to the elbow (notice the ammo supply?):

Cayden came along, armed with his security blanket of choice. A front-end loader.
He's a builder, not a fighter.

Have I mentioned that he SLEEPS with his construction equipment? Have I mentioned that we co-sleep? I must sit down and draft a pattern for a fabric excavator...night times are getting far too painful.

Later, we made and tested a slingshot.
Acorns fly great. Sticks, not so much.

And Theo discovered how to make a cross-bow. Now THAT was a neat a-ha moment!


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