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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our latest obsession...


The kids are totally into bats. I have no idea where this started. A few weeks ago, Theo announced "bat" as his choice of Halloween costume. Not Batman...a bat. And when I got the costume box out of the attic this week, both he and Cayden found black capes and have been "flying" around the house ever since.

We checked out a bunch of books about bats from our local library. We've learned a few interesting things that way. However. I'm fixin' to write a letter to Usborne books, who included an erroneous statement about bats' eyesight (they do SO see well, but thanks for passing along an old wives' tale as fact. Sheesh.)

But the big payoff has been searching for bat videos online. Our favorite site by far is, where among other things we learned that brown bats can live more than 30 years! Amazing, considering that analagous small mammals (mice, shrews, etc.) have an optimistic in-the-wild life expectancy of about a year. I also found myself literally in tears watching some of the rescue stories over at

Homeschooling really is about families learning together. I love it.

Unfortunately, I have misplaced my camera and missed a GREAT photo tonight, of Theo sitting in front of the computer watching a bat video while at the same time looking through one of his library books. Now that's some serious interest!!

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