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Friday, October 10, 2008

Today's lesson: the water cycle

It's funny where conversations start...and where they lead.

We were playing in the side yard today when Theo noticed a flagman in the road. We went to the front yard expecting to see some sort of heavy equipment (Cayden's obsession. And I do mean OBSESSION. There will be more heavy equipment pictures soon, I assure you.) What we saw was a crew sealing the cracks in the road.

So we stood and watched, and waved at the workmen, and the crew chief came over and chatted with the boys for a minute. Unfortunately, they are both still painfully shy around strangers, so we didn't get the firsthand account of what's going on that we might have otherwise. (He was so open...I am sure he would have opened up if we asked for an explanation.) However, I did take the opportunity to explain to Theo the basics of water expanding during freezing, and how this can damage road surfaces.

Definitely a fact of life in Pennsylvania!

At any rate, it's moments like these that really illustrate the idea that opportunity for learning is often unexpected, and everywhere.

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