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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I can do it myself!

Last night Cayden did not want to eat his dinner. He was having a classic 2-yo meltdown. Just wanted to be held. By Mommy. While she tried to eat. Okay, whatever. We had a guest and I just wanted the screaming to stop. So here I am trying to eat with a very squirmy kid in my lap. I'm eating, I'm talking, he's wiggling. Then I look down and realize that he's trying to button my cardigan.


It has nice large buttons for small hands. And this isn't a skill we've tried before. I gently tried to help and got my hands smacked. So I kept on doing my thing and by the time dinner was over, my cardigan was completely closed.

Then he repeated the performance at bedtime. All by himself. :)

My big boy!!

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