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Friday, January 23, 2009

A love-hate relationship

My boys have discovered Diego.

They love Diego. Or "Dee-Lego", as Cayden calls him.

I love Diego. And I hate Diego. It's a complicated thing.

I love that my kids are learning facts about animals in the framework of a show that not only teaches simple investigative problem-solving but does so with eco-friendly overtones. Protect nature. Help those in distress. It's a good message. And it's cute when they shout out responses to the television, or throw the random Spanish word into conversation, or tell me all about spectacled bears or chinchillas.

But really. Does this child really need to shout! random words! that are not only not particularly exciting! but also in the middle! of sentences!?

That part is grating on me. It grates on Daddy so much that the kids have been forbidden to play the Diego DVDs when Daddy is around. (Cayden asked this morning, "Is Daddy at work?" and then, "Good! Can I see Dee-Lego?" LOL)

The kids don't mind at all though. I guess that kind! of enthusiasm! has its audience. And that audience isn't made up of tired adults...


  1. oh man- Diego and Dora...they ARE cute- but the dutch versions drive me kind of nuts- the accents to the english they toss out is just awful. Yesterday, Sam and Sarah were watching Dora (I think)- and they were shouting something like "Let's push it" but the accent they had saying it, to me, it sounded for all the world like "that's bullshit". I kid you not. Fortunately for me, that isn't what the kids heard (wouldn't that be a fun thing for them to say to my mother? LOL). Its not right that your kids can't watch it when daddy is home, though. Most kids stuff is annoying. The other one I like (but find annoying at the same time) is the Wonderpets. Its really cute, but you get that darn song stuck in your head all day!

  2. Sean calls him, Eggo-go. He is a huge fan. He likes to pretend he is baby jaguar. I find the random Spanish thrown in the show, and Dora as well, sinks in a lot better if I sit and watch it with him and interact with the show. But really, who wants to do that? lol He is watching Backyardigans as I type, otherwise I wouldn't be able to be on the computer at all.

  3. ahh yes, I've gone as so far as to write down when Diego (and Dora) are on and make sure that there is no TV during those times. I actually like Handy Mandy for the spanish aspect but find that the pauses on Diego are just too much.

    Now I'm onto boycotting the "imagination movers"...kinda feels like a Wiggles rip off :(>
    -(Hi from Crunchy Mama's!)

  4. Okay, you know what's getting to me now? When they do a crossover show that includes Dora (Diego is, after all, a spinoff of her show). The characters are drawn differently. Dora is a much younger character than Diego or his sister (who I assume is at least in her teens?), yet her head is easily twice the size of theirs. It is WAY creepy...