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Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, hey! Hi!

I know, I know. I haven't updated in forever. This is not an apology though...just an update. Our lives have been too full and busy for me to sit down and record it! But one of these days I'll be looking back through this virtual baby book/diary/portfolio and it might be nice to have some of these holes filled in.

The holidays kept us busy, natch. And work kept me busy. But mostly it's been just that whirlwhind of everyday Stuff. We are still out here loving the natural-learning life. We did a lot of cooking and crafting for the holidays. Theo and I (and Cayden a little!) made all of the decorations for our tree this year. It was a construction-paper and chenille-stem and pony-bead dream. And I'm sure it will stay in my heart as one of our most wonderful trees evar.
My big accomplishment was a cabled "cricket" sweater that I completed for Theo; my prettiest FO to date. And he was a sport and wore it, too. Well, I guess it's not that surprising. It's not like it was a pink bunny-rabbit sleeper, right? LOL

A few other photo-worthy moments from the past few weeks:

Theo learns to skate on ice. Quickly. And with a surprising level of confidence. Go Theo!

He is equally comfortable on wheels.
Don't hold your breath, but I think there may be hope for a hockey player in this family yet!

Cayden tried out the "big boy" bike

But as usual, he was more fascinated with the mechanics of "how things work".
Stay tuned; 2009 is going to be a terrific year!!

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