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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's time

Theo asked for a watch yesterday. In fact, he didn't so much ask as he informed me that we were going to go to the store and buy one for him. Um...okay. So we did. He chose carefully--a black watch with red flames on the band. Snazzy. Cayden insisted on one too, and his is similar but has blue flames. Cayden's, incidentally, was misplaced later that same evening. Alas.

Theo chose a dial-face over the digital readout. A boy after my own heart! I remember my first watch...sensible, black band and silver fittings over a white face with black hands. It was a gift for my eighth birthday. Theo is 5 1/2.

He also does not know how to tell time. But I suppose he has decided to learn. For a week or so leading up to this, he has been attempting to give us reports from various digital clocks (alarms, stovetop display) around the house. He's got the "hour" part down, but has trouble with the minutes. And no wonder...because he doesn't know the written symbols for any double-digit numbers above 10.

And now he wants to tackle a dial-face clock! Let's see...that involves not only the double-digit numbers, but also fractions (a quarter after?) and multiplication (or counting by five, but really--same result), not to mention the mental twist of remembering that "7" really means "35". Ay yi yi.

But I'm the one overwhelmed. He's game. And he has spent the past two days happily reporting the hour to me and asking for help on the minutes.

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