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Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're not like that. Except when we are.

We're not school-at-home-ers. I don't sit my kids down with worksheets and assignments. I try to explain this to all well-meaning folks who insist on giving us workbooks anyway. Mind you, I'm not anti-workbook, but the kids are young and I want to hold off on any formal instruction (and all tedious busy-work) as long as possible. If they're a means to an end, fine. If they *are* the end, that seems a bit silly to me.

But I am also all about strewing. And being polite. So I accept the workbooks, and make sure they're available.

And for the past several days, both kids have insisted upon "doing their homework". Granted, Cayden is merely entranced by the idea of whiteboards (the eco-mama in me rejoices at whiteboard books!). But Theo has been diligently practicing his writing. Mostly numerals, although he will flip to the letters pages every now and again.

So, okay. We're workbook people. This week, anyway! ;)

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