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Monday, November 2, 2009

A fabulous night for a moondance

Tonight's a full moon. Last night was close enough.

We had just wrapped up a crazy family birthday party, and were at the end of a long and exciting weekend which included Halloween. Lots of fun and noise and craziness, but it was over, and we were at that moment where half of the household has crashed into bed and the remaining wakeful folks are kind of kicking back and sighing. I knew I should be getting the kids into jammies, but I didn't have the energy just yet.

And then Cayden (3) asked, "Can we go on a listening walk tonight?"

Well, why not.

We've never done this before--it's a notion he just picked up from an episode of "Miss Spider", where an adult character guided a frightened child through a nighttime neighborhood to dispel some fears. And you know, it sounded like fun.

It was a crisp night with a bright moon. We bundled up warmly, found our new flashlights (seriously, aren't flashlights the best kid-gifts ever?), and headed out through the leaf-deep yard and down toward the woods.

We didn't go far. And between the cold weather and the excited children, we didn't really hear much either. But we had so much fun exploring the magical-looking landscapes that were suddenly unfamiliar in the different light. And we made "ghosts" with the flashlights. And, well, we made a really nice memory. :)

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  1. That sounds like fun! Sam is not a fan of being out in the dark. Maybe I should get him a flashlight and try that sometime, though.