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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

...and all they had to eat...

...was porridge.

I am very attracted to the idea of unit studies. I love the notion of building a range of learning experiences around a central theme. However, many of them seem more well-suited to the plan-ahead homeschooler, and less adaptable to the more, um, spontaneous and opportunistic among us.

At least food is an easy and fast afterthought tie-in. So today, while we read The Magic Porridge Pot

the natural question was, "Do you know what porridge is?" Well, of course they do. I once made a production about serving some during reading time way back in my "we will Learn Something from the Three Bears" days. But that's okay, because this time it was their turn to demonstrate the knowledge. And instead of just eating the porridge, they asked me to teach them how to prepare it.

Yum. My kind of lesson.

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  1. Have you ever looking into Five in a Row? It's a great unit study (loose) curriculum for the younger set. In fact, for your boys I'd recommend looking for Before Five in a Row. Lots of excellent ideas, and all based off the best of children's literature.