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Friday, April 30, 2010

Food Friday: Scones

In an attempt to get a little rhythm going with my posting here, I'm establishing a few content-driven days. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Most of this is out of necessity: we are a family of six, after all. Part of this is time spent working with the kids. BIG fun. And part of it is just for my own sense of adventure and exploration. Considering a family budget and six individual tastes (*cough, cough* finicky) can leave me with a small rotation of predictable dishes. It's easy to get really burned out. So I do attempt to try new recipes regularly, if only to amuse and delight the cook. ;)

This week's adventure: Scones.

Now, this was a little daunting, as it always is when I attempt to cook something that I've never eaten before. How will I know whether it turned out "right"? (This is my major fear with borscht...but dang if I can find any local eateries which serve it, so I'll have a bar for measurement. Someday...) Well, I went online and found the word I was looking for. EASY. Heck, if it has "easy" right in the title, I can't possibly screw it up, right?


They were awesome. So awesome that I made them twice; once with cranberries:
and once with dried apricots:
Surprisingly enough, the kids have both voiced a preference for the cranberry variety. Woo!

Wanna try these? They're ridiculously easy to make. Follow the linky to Recipezaar, and enjoy: Drop Scones

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