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Saturday, April 17, 2010

From the heart

Our youngest celebrated his fourth birthday this week. I'm typically a crafty mom, and rarely does a birthday go by without my sewing/knitting/baking something. And apparently that spirit is contagious. Despite the fact that for once I was nowhere near the fabric bins, T decided that he wanted to sew a birthday gift for his brother. I was overwhelmed with a big to-do list and exhausted from a long day, but when your little boy makes this announcement, you drop everything and go with it.

His project of choice was a pillow. Three cheers for the "easy" factor! A personalized pillow. Three cheers again for my packrat nature. I did NOT have the time or the patience to sit down and help him cut out fabric letters. Oh wait--what about the box of pieces from the felt board set? I set him to work sorting through, and indeed we found the appropriate letters. I helped him pin them into place, and then he set to work sewing.

This is my boy! OMG I'm so proud and tickled by this, I can't find adequate words.

A closeup of his handiwork:

The perfectionist in me wanted to set an example of even stitching, and turn this into a teaching moment. Thankfully, better and more Zen instincts prevailed and I let him do it his way. Truth be told, I'm now finding the irregular and random stitching to be very appealing.

Here he is posing with the finished product. Don't mind the grouchy look; he was angry with me because I had declared Bedtime and he was campaigning for a sandwich instead.

The gift was very well received. It was the only of the birthday boy's gifts which rated instant approval. (All others were warily investigated and not fully embraced until later in the day.) And, at the end of his first day as an official 4-year-old, our not-so-little littlest fell asleep on the best gift that *I* got all week.


  1. AWWW!!! That's wonderful, what a thoughful thing for him to do. I love the haphazard stitching too, if only "we" could LET ourselves do that.

  2. that is so cool and sweet! Good for you for letting you do it HIS way! I am sure that was a bit of a struggle for you! (It would have been for me, too- even though my stitching is FAR from perfect)