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Monday, May 10, 2010

Apron Collection: Smock

Smock. Doesn't that sound like a Don Martin word? Perhaps the sound of a suction cup breaking free of a smooth surface, or a foot breaking free from deep sticky mud? SMOCK!


This little lady looks like she might feel right at home behind a high school cafeteria serving line. Or perhaps an easel in a beginner's art class. She was not constructed for figure-flattering beauty, but for maximum spill protection. And she certainly does the job.

I favor this apron/coverup when I'm in a rush, as that's when I tend to make my most dramatic spills. I have been known, in fact, to wear it at the which point the children (even the youngest) mock "Mommy's bib". (Heh. Mock my smock. Heh.) I like not only the full-torso protection, but the easy on-off with no ties. And it's one of the few aprons I own that I can wear with shorts without looking like I'm pants-free beneath.

The construction suggests mass production, although there is a small tuck that a previous owner did to repair a tear. And although the unknown seamstress did a good job, she did it *inside out*, which means that the ragged tear is on the front of the garment, with the nice neat seam inside. Ah well...I can't say I haven't made mistakes like that of my own.

As you can see, the dual pocket on the front is deep, and requires both stabilizing and ironing...neither of which I am willing to do, so it sags. Oh well. I'm not looking to win any beauty contests here. This is a workhorse.

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