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Monday, May 3, 2010

Domestic Monday: My Apron Collection!

No domestic diva would really look the part without an apron, don't you agree?

Okay...let's get real. I do not put on makeup around the house, let alone dust & polish while wearing pumps and pearls. I'm not that kind of housewife. I honestly don't believe anyone ever has been. The cuffed-dungarees, Keds and kerchief seems a lot more realistic. But either way, an apron is a must. I've destroyed far too many outfits with food stains, and most of them happened not in the dining room but in the kitchen.

My collection started several years ago with a simple white butcher apron. I have since accumulated a rather motley assortment of aprons in various styles, from strictly practical to delightfully kitschy. For the sake of both my own amusement and several months' worth of guaranteed post content, I will be sharing photos of my aprons here on Mondays. Let the fun begin!

First up is this little beauty, which only recently saw its first use (by me) on a cleaning day. I favor torso-covering aprons for cooking duty (most of my food stains seem to occur above the waist), but tied this on when I realized that the fronts of my jeans were being constantly used to wipe my wet/messy hands. I realize that this style is more of a hostess item than a duty one, but was the first one I grabbed.

I acquired this apron at an estate sale, and believe that it is handmade. It has a sturdy and even construction, but also has raw seams and less-than-perfect embroidery. All the same, it's a tourist item. The embroidery on the patch pocket reads Costa Rica:

I'm a bit curious about the history of this item, and whether it was made by a tourist to commemorate a trip, or by a local to sell as a souvenir. Perhaps I am projecting way too much thought into this.

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