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Friday, May 21, 2010

Food Friday: DONUTS!!

Donuts. Mmmmmm. Sweet, sticky, fluffy, yummy donuts. Ten gazillion Krispy Kreme kustomers know what I'm talking about. And you know what? They aren't magical. They're just food. I can do food.

There are two basic kinds of donut: raised, and cake. (Yes, there are also filled donuts, but they are just a variation on raised so shut up.) The first thing I learned when researching the whole donut thing is that cake donuts, contrary to my lifelong assumption, are not baked. They are deep-friend, just like their fluffier counterparts. (Rats.) My intention and goal was to make raised donuts, but my poor time management skills found me starting the process at midnight last night and I was NOT going to go through the process of raise/rest/raise at that point, so I opted to make Sour Cream Cake Donuts from The Joy of Cooking. I mixed up the dough (which, I must note, is really more of a batter...think: "quick bread"), tucked it in for the night in the fridge, and went to bed.

This morning I wreaked havoc on my kitchen. If there is one truism to be learned from this experience, it is that making donuts is messy. First was the trick of rolling out the dough. This is best done immediately and quickly...the refrigeration helps the batter to behave more like dough, but it gets soft again quickly and if you move too slowly, you will end up with very droopy and misshapen donuts. Then came the cutting, which I had to kludge a bit as I seem to have misplaced the main piece to my donut cutter. So I experimented with two sizes of biscuit cutter.

I also made plenty of extra holes, because donut holes are just fun. The white powder is this point the batter was already getting soft and sticking to everything. Gah.

Then it was magic time. Into the hot oil!

These went from raw to golden faster than you could say "funnel cake". Which is what my husband assumed I was making, and then I felt all guilty and wondered if perhaps I should mix up some funnel cake batter as well. Because you cannot have too much deep-fried, sugar-coated dough first thing in the morning.

Next stop was the sugaring bags. What a wonderful trick for coating. Just lift them right from the oil to the bag, shake like a deranged maraca player, and voila! Yummy breakfast.

This is what my kitchen looked like when I was done.

And OMG look at the oil on the bag.

This can't be good for human consumption. What was I thinking? Oh, wait, um...yum.

And here is the obligatory finished-product photo.

As for taste? It depends who you ask. I found them adequate but by no means outstanding. The family, however, devoured them with plenty of yummy noises. I guess that qualifies as a success.


  1. YUM-O!! I want some!!

  2. the sugar covered ones look soooooooooo good!