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Friday, May 7, 2010

Food Friday: Pasta & Lemony Green Vegetables

The recipe, from Betty Crocker's Smart Cook, is actually for "Vermicelli with Lemony Green Vegetables", but in the spirit of honesty...I didn't have any vermicelli and used rotini instead. And then I neglected to photograph the pasta because, well, you know what noodles look like. I served the pasta and veggies separately, and therefore there would be no visual impact to seeing the bowl of rotini. Instead, here is a lovely picture of the veggies.

Oh yes. Those are the "fresh, local" asparagus from the neighbor. And they were goooooooood.

Thoughts on this dish? Meh. I liked it, as did eldest TeenBoy. The remainder of the family's reactions ranged from, "Hmmm. Citrus. I see." to "I hate lemon, Mommy!". Sigh. Guess this one won't be going into the "repeat" file.

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