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Monday, May 17, 2010

Apron Collection: 3-gore skirt

I love the cut/pattern of today's featured apron. If it weren't a mere waist apron, I'd wear it more often. As I've noted before, I tend to be a messy cook and need the torso coverage of a bib, pinafore, etc. for maximum protection.

So why do I love this so much? First, it has a generous cut. Many of the aprons in my collection are vintage, which in sewing terms seems to mean "designed for itty bitty petite women". As a woman of more, uh, ample proportions, I appreciate something a little larger than a napkin patched onto the front of my lap. This apron extends well around the sides of my hips, and retains enough fullness to still have a bit of feminine shape to the general A-line. It has a wider waistband (I detest the thin ones that fold themselves in half) and nice long ties. It's big, okay?

Oh and incidentally, I know it looks crazy to cut my head out of this picture, but trust me...we're all better off without it. It's hard to gauge when the camera's self-timer is going to go off, and the facial expression it caught? Not pretty.

So where where we? Ah. Apron.

It's also very well made. It's quite possible that this was a storebought garment, but I strongly suspect private manufacture. There are tiny imperfections which suggest this, but I hate to even describe it as such because the detailed work on this piece is really remarkably good. The (half-crescent, charming!) pockets are flawless, and I wish that my bias-tape finishing looked half this good.

Finally, I like the retro fabric. It's old-fashioned without being dramatically kitschy; something that fits easily into daily modern use but has a hint of history to it. Wearing it makes me feel like June Cleaver.

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