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Friday, June 4, 2010

Food Friday: Chocolate Crepes

Oh, yes. A worthy culinary adventure. Not only are these little desserts gorgeous and decadent, but they are insanely simple to make.

A quick whir in the blender makes the batter. Then a hot skillet plus a flip,

and Voila! Crepes.

The recipe that I used, from Molly Katzen's Enchanted Broccoli Forest, suggested filling the crepes with either marmalade or chocolate. Naturally, I chose chocolate.

I also attempted to go all frou-frou fancy food-bloggy and try for some style in presentation. I drizzled the plates with heavy cream, as suggested in the recipe,

but by the time I got the plates to the table, the crepes were pretty much perched in puddles. Alas.

Still, a delicious success! Next time I may get creative with filling. I'm thinking mashed bananas + chocolate. Or marshmallows? Peanut butter? of next week we'll have fresh-from-the-bush black raspberries! Mmmmmmm.

There was an also-ran food adventure this week, from the same cookbook. I made a loaf of Cottage Cheese Dill Bread, a savory quick bread. I took plenty of nice photos of the process, including a pretty shot of the local eggs plus local honey

but the dough was less photogenic, as it was thick and sticky and reminded me of a tonsil infection. (Sorry if you have a weak stomach, but seriously--look at those individual curds. Don't they remind you of pus? Is it just me?)

It was moderately less unattractive after baking

but although it wasn't an unpleasant flavor, it's also not something I feel any urge to make again on purpose. Meh.

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  1. Chocolate crepes?!? Count me in. I'll pass on the pus bread though.