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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Food Friday: Fresh Greens!

(yes, late again. Sometimes I do things which are not blogging.)

Have I mentioned how much I love gardening season?

I don't understand all of the focus on a fall harvest. Okay, if you have a grain crop that takes that long, it's certainly worth celebrating. But for me, the joy starts with the first sweet peas and raspberries. Then there are several months of salads that were literally growing only minutes before serving. And don't get me started on canning in the heat of August. THAT is a party worth attending.

Welcome, food production season 2010! Arugula, leaf lettuce, spinach, purple basil, and cilantro...all from my own backyard. A few other ingredients to round it out, and Voila...


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  1. I think it depends on what you have in the garden, and where you live. We have lots of green in the garden- but nothing to harvest yet. I am thinking (hoping) to get SOMETHING by the end of next month. Well- the herbs- but I am trying to let those get bigger, lest I use them all up and have to plant new ones. The fresh greens look yummy!