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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Food Friday: Guest Chef!

It was a busy week (see? Again...blogging Friday on Saturday. Why must you nitpick!?), and I stuck with the tried-and-true in the kitchen. But C had a food adventure, and unlike some of his past efforts, this one turned out pretty well.

My four-year-old was helping me make scones for breakfast and enjoyed greasing the cookie sheet so much that he asked for more surfaces to prepare. Distracted, I handed him a shallow pie plate. When it was nice and buttery, he asked for something to cook in it. Um...let's see, we had some leftover potatoes from the previous night's dinner...

With only a little gentle steering from Mom, he added ingredients to make "spicy potatoes". (The spices in question? Parsley, paprika, salt, pepper. I managed to convince him that the curry powder, cinnamon, and lemon pepper might not be the best choices.) He chose and grated some cheese, and I helped him prepare the milk mixture.

Voila! Scalloped Potatoes!

Don't let him know he didn't invent this recipe. He was so unbelievably proud of his creative talent. :)

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