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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh no she didn't...

Oh, yes. She did.

I am NOT this woman. I swear. I only iron napkins and/or tablecloths if we're expecting particularly "we need to impress them" company. For everyday use, I just fold them wrinkles-and-all and no one complains. But last night I got out the iron and board, preparing to press some sewing. And in true procrastinator fashion, instead of doing my intended task, I did a vaguely related one.

The sewing is still sitting, untouched, in the project basket. But my linen napkins look fantastic.



    The closest I've come is considering ironing Nic's karate uniform when I take it off the clothesline. And only that because it is still so new and has the potential for staying crisp and ultra white for just a little while longer.

    I never could understand Martha Stewart's opinion that sheets should be ironed before placing (with sachets and tied with matching ribbon of course) in the linen closet.

  2. Oh yeah. Anyone who irons sheets has serious issues! LOL!

  3. That's why we are friends! The pic is gone, but I get the visual. My Nan used to iron underwear. How in the world to people find time in their days to iron let alone iron UNDERWEAR AND SHEETS?!?

  4. Whoops; thanks for the heads-up. Must have been some clumsy purging on my part. Picture is back. :)