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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The roses of success!

I'll be honest. Although I love roses and have grown them at several of my homes, I am not much of a horticulturist. I don't know when or how to prune and I never fertilize. I only know the name of one of my plants. I'm a laissez-faire landscaper; I kind of just plant them in a likely place (at least I know what type of soil they prefer) and hope for the best. I'm rarely disappointed.

Where I live currently, however, is a deer zone. Do not get me started on the deer. Their numbers suggest not so much a "population" as a "plague", and they eat Everything. They mock the fences, they cross the repellents. They saunter down the center of residential streets with a dismissive backward glance like members of some smug adolescent gang, daring you to try something. Seriously, they're a problem.

And every year they eat my damn roses. Sometimes they don't even give the poor plants a chance to bud. Other times, the buds will appear and I'll get all excited, and then the next morning I find closely cropped stems in their places.

So imagine my surprise when this happened!

Is it the newly-acquired dog territorial markings keeping them away? Are they finding better vittles elsewhere?

I don't care. I have roses.
Oh, and here is the inspiration for the post title. I've been humming this song for days. :)

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