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Monday, June 7, 2010

Reversible Apron = Twice as nice

Ever since childhood, I have been fascinated by the concept of reversible clothing. One garment; two looks. Genius!

Yup. I have an apron like that.

On one side, a solid background with a print pocket. Pretty.
Ignore the dog head. She took my posing as an indication that I wished to play.

On the other: not only the reverse, but surprise! A layered skirt!
 See? I told you I don't iron. 

Instead of merely lining two fabrics back-to-back, the creator of this garment (estate sale find) simply kept the first and used the second as an overskirt. I really like the look of this.

Of course, this apron illustrates the paradox of the reversible garment. Namely; if you switch the garment so as to hide a stain or spill, where does that soil go? An apron is designed to protect your clothing. While the "presto-change-o" possibility of doing a quick re-tie as guests arrive (to hide the cooking mess and present a lovely hostess) is tempting, it also means that the cooking mess? Is now up against your clothing. Probably not the best idea.

At any rate, while I do find this to be one of my more attractive aprons, I do not use it very much. The ties are short. No, my waistline is not too big. Shut up.


  1. Pretty colors and you in a skirt-woo woo!

  2. I wear a lot of skirts these days, go figure!