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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dark Triumph

I am all about choice and self-expression. When we moved into our home, the room that was to belong to my stepsons was painted a pale pink. Naturally, this would not do. I invited them to decide what color they wanted their new room to be. They picked...


It wouldn't have been my first choice, but then...I was neither a 9- nor a 6-year-old boy at the time, so what did I know. Green it was.


They've lived in the green for almost eight years now. In the meantime, my husband redid the alcove room, and the eldest boy claimed it as his space. Heir #2 recently asked to redecorate the main room. I again promised to support his choice of color, and took him to the hardware store to look at paint chips. He grabbed the deepest, darkest purple he could find.

"What?" I asked. "Did Dad veto black?"

"How did you know?"

Let's see. The obsessive practicing of electric guitar and preference for heavy metal/hard rock might have been a clue*. Or there is the fact that despite my never having been male, I have been nearly 14. Or maybe I'm just not as clueless as I look. Ahem.

So, Dark Triumph it is. (And doesn't that just sound like a kick-ass album title?)

Here, we put down the first coat. It was a family affair. In my experience, few things make a child happier than getting to help with a big and potentially messy project.

Don't paint your brother!

Naturally, there was some playfulness...

...which led to some lightbulb moments and discussions of future embellishments. Dad is not thrilled with the idea of stenciled band logos. The 14-year-old inside of me, however, thinks it's freakin' awesome.

Here's the comparison shot:

And the full (wet!) first coat.

Dark Triumph is...bold. I don't want to think about how many coats of primer + paint it's going to take to cover it someday. Eh, no matter. Today, we made a really cool room for a really cool teenager.

*Incidentally, when I asked for some music, he went through "his" CD collection (which looks suspiciously like the missing CDs from my husband's collection and mine) and chose some Rush. He may have just been sucking up, but it didn't hurt my enjoyment of the moment (or the music) in the least.

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