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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Deep pockets

I'm all about practical. So in theory, this deep-pocketed skirt apron seems like a fantastic idea. It features a deep, full-width pocket...made with a single print panel, and faux-segmented into four sections. (It is tacked at the top, but opens to one long connected pocket.)

It's pretty. And it seems useful.

But look at how long it is!

To achieve the look of a nice full skirt, the designer made it knee length. Hence, the pockets are just barely reachable. To get into the dang things, one has to bend over, or gather the skirt up, or some other inconvenient hassle.

And I did not stage a photo with the pockets actually filled, but that is an extra unpleasantness. Because it quickly becomes lumpy and overweighted, with a sometimes shifting load. It sags and pulls with the weight (and we're talking clothespins, my chosen experiment), and the load bumps annoyingly against my's just not graceful.

So despite the tempting pockets, this apron is still just for general purpose "cover my clothes" protective use, and little else.

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