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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello, Running. I've missed you!

I run.

Not far. Not fast. But I run.

I spent most of my life not running. Mocking running. Fearing running. Then I saw a reference to the Couch to 5K training program and it sparked something. Curiosity. A little skepticism. And I decided to take the challenge.

I started in the dead of winter. During my initial training, I got sick, twice. I got injured, more than I should have. I took longer than 9 weeks to finish the program. But by the end of it, I surprised myself by actually enjoying running. So I kept on doing it. I run indoors, at the local community center. I run outdoors, on the Montour Trail and sometimes just wherever my feet take me. I run early. I run late. I run whenever I can squeeze it in around other obligations.

All the same, I don't run as often as I'd like to. And I often feel like I'm, well, bad at it. I'm not going to set any land speed records, and I probably couldn't even dream of keeping a casual pace with most of my friends who claim this sport.

But I do it. And even 30 minutes of earnest jogging still beats 30 minutes of making excuses not to.

I haven't run in over two months. First an injury, and then an illness which seriously affected my breathing, kept me couch-bound. I regretted not lacing up, but I knew that it wasn't wise. This weekend, I finally did. And I was surprised to find that I hadn't "lost" as much as I'd expected. I knew I wouldn't be in top condition, so I prepared myself to start over from, well, the "couch". But even after all of these weeks, I find that I'm not in as poor condition as I'd thought I might have been.

I'm back. I still don't run far. I don't run fast. But I run.

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