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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Milk Chocolate Day

There are certain holidays I could take or leave. Then there are others that, once alerted to them, I wonder why they don't have greater status. According to my freebie Oriental Trading Company calendar, today is Milk Chocolate Day.

Well hot damn. Sign us up for some of THAT!

Since we are homeschoolers (and I am a total geek besides), I had T sit down with me and watch several online videos (this one and this one) about the process of manufacturing milk chocolate. And then...we went to Sarris's.

Anyone who grew up in this area or is currently local may be shocked to learn that I've never had my little guys to the Sarris factory/store. What can I's just never come up. My beloved spouse and I usually go in preparation for a major holiday, which means that one of us stays home and distracts the kids while the other flies solo and gets (and is responsible for hiding) the goods. This time, it was an Educational Field Trip. Oh, and an officially recognized holiday, too, don't forget. ;)

First, I had to herd my darlings into the car. And I re-learned the lesson of what happens when you just tell them to "get dressed" and don't do much monitoring.

God Bless C. He looked so festive and happy I just didn't have the heart to re-do his look. Nor did I want to...what with not wanting to be a killjoy. (And wanting to get to the chocolate, already!!)

We arrived and it was just as I'd dreamed it would be. No mere store...oh no. It's like winning the golden ticket, I tell you! We hadn't even entered the doors yet and T declared it the Best Store Ever.

We went inside and T was instantly agog at the display of bonbons.

Then we shopped for our purchases over in the specialty mold section.


Of course, no trip to Sarris is complete without a viewing of the famous (and ever-changing) Chocolate Castle.

Seriously: this is my boys, when they spotted it. Totally unstaged expressions. I love it!

It was a warm night, and while I would have LOVED to have done the attached old fashioned ice cream parlour, there was an insanely long line. I promise to heavily photodocument that trip as soon as it happens. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, it is a feast for the eyes, I promise you.

We did, however, snag a table outside to enjoy our treats.

Yup. This is definitely my kind of holiday.

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