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Monday, July 12, 2010

Minty Fresh Apron

I'm at a loss for a witty reference here. It's mint green. Go with it.

This is a lovely vintage piece—handmade—with a number of interesting design features. The gored skirt creates a scalloped edge, which is echoed in the shaping of the waistband.

The two pockets are semi-open with a V shaped slash backed by a contrasting interior fabric.

Finally, the hand-embroidered flowers (pansies?) are a lovely accent, but subtle enough to not overpower the rest of the look.

This piece shows a lot of skill in both design and construction. It's simply lovely.


  1. I love slash-pockets from the waistband. That style is cool.

    Do you collect aprons?

  2. Anonymous, I love it!

    Kelly...I sure do! I started blogging about the aprons every Monday, just so I don't have the excuse of "nothing to say". ;) I think I've posted 13 or so of my collection so far. Some of them are just for having/looking, but most of them actually get used. I'd say that I'm retro/domestic but it's closer to the truth to just admit that I'm hopelessly sloppy. LOL