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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Too Many Cupcakes, and other Miscellany

It's been a busy week. So busy that I haven't had time to log on and blog. (That's a good thing.) So busy that many of the adventures went without photodocumentation. That's sad for the blog and for the personal archives, but again—in most respects—a good thing. Being camera-free often takes away one distraction to "living in the moment", and as I've always been a person who lives rather too much in my head, it's a healthy move to have one less mental item on my multitasking list.

Of course, here I am backtracking and picking up those scattered thoughts and events, so I'd best not pat myself on the back too prematurely, eh?

Some highlights of the week:

We hosted a boy-girl, bonfire party last night for Heir #2, my younger stepson. His 14th birthday is next week and therefore this party was at least in name, a birthday party.

But that's not what I'm talking about.

Instead, we wished a Happy Birthday to Dragon, C's beloved Webkinz. Dragon is, according to ever-changing report, either 1 or 6 or 87 or 45,000 years old. And his next birthday will be in December. Good to know. At any rate, C nagged me about making cupcakes and insisted that he wasn't just jonesing for some sugar, but celebrating a milestone for a loved one. Well okay, then. We can do cupcakes.


And singing.

There was even a gift, from T, which was unceremoniously reclaimed the next day. Ah well, it was a nice gesture.

And the dog got a cupcake too!



We attended South Park Theatre's production of Puss in Boots. This was our second time seeing a play in the park. The cast and crew had put on such a charming production of The Frog Princess, and I was really looking forward to this next offering. And it was...meh.


The staging, the costumes, and the acting were all fine. But the lead? Sigh. She played Puss (who had an insane amount of soliloquies) with an extremely enthusiastic and shrill and incomprehensible Inspector Clouseau accent. I provided a running commentary of the action and half of the dialogue to Theo. The other half, even I missed. It was a shame.

The experience wasn't a complete wash, though. It featured a small cast and one young lady played a number of various small roles. The kids remembered her from the earlier production (in which she'd enjoyed a larger role) and every time she came on-stage, they'd point and exclaim, "It's Ursula!!" :)

  • The lemonade stand that the kids (and cousins!) made and manned, down at Grandma's house.
  • Three little boys with rolled-up cuffs, wading in a creek on a sunny day.
  • My (solo!) shopping trip to my favorite local yarn shop, and my eventual purchases (and bonus, all bargains).
  • The really awesome lightning storm on Wednesday night.
  • Celebrating my mother's birthday (Love you, Mom!)

And finally,

Again, no pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it. The best thing I cooked all week was Montana's Mom's Dynamite Cheesecake, a perennial favorite from Mollie Katzen's New Moosewood Cookbook. This time, instead of the sour-cream topping, I used some freshly-made homemade yogurt, sweetened with local (from my FIL's hives) honey. Very good.

The "new" thing I prepared this week was "The World's Easiest and Best Chocolate Cake" (or something roughly like that; I'm not near the kitchen and am paraphrasing) from the label on my container of Trader Joe's cocoa powder. Easy? Yes. Best? The jury's out. However.


I'd like to have a word with whoever wrote this recipe.

See, it indicates the use of two 9-inch round pans. Fine, that's pretty standard. Or, a cupcake pan. I was prepared for that. The same recipe which will make two 9-inch layers typically makes 24 cupcakes. There were 10 kids expected for Heir #2's party. This batter? Made sixty cupcakes. Let me repeat that.


And it was hot and half of the guests were adolescent girls, who are apparently allergic to eating in front of other people. I think that all told, 6 got eaten last night. Including the ones pilfered by Heir #1 on his way out to avoid the evening's festivities.


Let's just say that by this morning, when I'd mixed up another batch of frosting to finish off the rest of them (I only got so far last night before I just couldn't face another paper-wrapped goody) I was well over the whole fun of frosting cupcakes. It will be a long, long time until I pull out those pans again. (shudder)


  1. You're a good mom :)

  2. Aw thanks. The dog sure thinks so! LOL