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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Don't YOU dress like this around the house?

Go ahead. Make your Aunt Jemima jokes. I'm immune. It's freaking miserable this week. Hot + Humid. Makes me start to consider whether I really love the long hair, or if shaving my head would just be easier.


  1. Um, I tie my hair up most every day; today I'm wearing this.

    (It's so nice to see your smiling face! Wonderful picture.)

  2. LOL!
    I already have short hair and I'm seriously considering buzzing it all off with this heat.

  3. It would probably look semi stylish if I used (or made) a headscarf in a nice printed fabric. Instead, I typically opt for the flour sack towel. Tres chic. ;)

    And thanks, Kelly! I meant to say the same about one of your recent posts (oh yay! I see your face!) but now I can't recall if I actually *did* so.