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Monday, August 23, 2010

Double duty

A while back, I shared pictures of a reversible apron. There are two in my collection, and here's the other one.
'Scuse the dog butt. She loves me so much.

What I like about this apron:
  • Nice wide, full skirt
  • Very wide hem with clean stitching = fully reversible with great detailing
  • Interesting print + ricrac = "folk art" look

And check it out: One side features an overskirt...

...which I think of (and use) as my quarterback towel. It is perfect for wiping dirty or wet things (hands, kid faces, garden veggies) without risking all of that ick soaking through the back layer and soiling your clothes. Because after all, an apron is designed primarily to protect your clothes, right?

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